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Wireless Lights LED200-DCF (LED)

Two most recent trends in warning lights - LED technology and wireless management – meet in LED200-DCF.

LED200-DCF are autonomous warning lights, which can be easily synchronized into sequential lights set without cable, external control unit or expensive accumulator!

The device is extremely easy to operate - it only consists of the lamp body and a fixed battery case for two 6V batteries, which together form a compact unit.

Each LED200-DCF light is equipped with a receiver of DCF-77 radio signal, generally used to control radio-synchronized clocks. The synchronization is possible due to a practical switch allowing easy setting of position of the light within the set.

Thanks to LED technology, LED200-DCF overmatch traditional halogen warning lights not only by prolonged lifetime and durability, but also by remarkably low power consumption. Common 4R25 6V batteries are sufficient for powering-up the lamp.

LED200-DCF can be purchased in several versions, differing in light intensity, and thus in their appropriate use – from LED200G-DCF, intended mainly for urban areas, to LED200H-DCF, applicable even on motorways. All the lights provide a choice between several operating modes:

  • All-day mode / night mode
  • Standard flash (500 ms) / economy flash (100 ms) – out of every 1000 ms
  • Backlight ON / OFF

All the LED200 lights meet requirements of EN 12352 and EN 50923.

!! Do not confuse LED200-DCF warning lights with tacky Chinese-made lamps. Despite their remote superficial resemblance, they feature incomparably greater durability and vastly different functions!!

  • Compact - LED200-DCF are designed for easy handling. No cables, controller or accumulator
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Synchronization via DCF-77 radio signal
  • Possibility of setting shortened flashes (100ms) – reduction of energy consumption while maintaining the nominal light intensity
  • High resistance to impact and temperature changes
  • No need to change the light source during the lifetime of the light
  • Powered by 6V batteries
  • Versatile application thanks to each model’s different light intensity and several operation modes

LED200-DCF types:

1) LED200G-DCF

Warning light with lower light intensity (L8G class), suitable for marking obstacles on roads in urban areas. The light can be powered by one or two 6V batteries. It allows you to select all-day / night mode and switching between standard (500ms) and shortened (100 ms) flash.

2) LED200M-DCF

Warning light (L8M class) suitable for marking of obstructions on most roadways. Works with 12V (two 6V batteries). The device includes an ambient lighting detector, allowing it to adjust its intensity to current weather conditions. All-day / night mode; standard / economy flash, switchable backlight.

3) LED200H-DCF

Intense warning light for use on all kinds of roads, including motorways and expressways. Adjustable flash duration, all-day / night mode, optional backlight. Power supply 12V.


For more information about the radio-synchronized lights and possibilities of their use, please call +420 546 217 480 or email at info@dynasig.cz.