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EURO 2000/Q


EURO 2000/Q

EURO 2000 traffic lights are mobile signaling devices used for one-way shuttle traffic control as well as for organization of intersections, including management of pedestrian crossings. The system of EURO 2000 traffic lights can be expanded up to 8 major and 8 simultaneous stands.

EURO 2000/Q is the basic model of EURO 2000 product line. Its operation is controlled by either the quartz-crystal clock oscillator (EURO 2000/Q) or through a set of cables (EURO 2000/QK). The operation setting is performed with portable module. When the operation is managed by crystal clocks, the stands work autonomously and operate without mutual feedback. When interconnected by cables (thus operating with feedback), the traffic lights can also be equipped with a traffic-monitoring radar sensor (version EURO 2000/QKV). According to the set parameters, EURO 2000/QKV can automatically adjust its operation to current traffic situation.

! All mobile traffic lights can work with halogen bulbs or LED modules with minimal power consumption, high durability and exceptional resistance to weather shocks !

While the basic design uses light bulbs, the entire traffic light or its individual aspects may be fitted with customized FABEMA LED modules. These dramatically reduce power consumption of the device and provide completely maintenance-free servis. Traffic lights are powered from a 12V battery, placed in a metal case at the base of each stand. When using a fully charged 180 Ah battery, each stand with halogen bulbs can work for 9 days. The operation time with FABEMA LED modules is twice as long.

LED Modules Advantages:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Better visibility and evenly distributed luminosity, which does not fade during time
  • Resistance to temperature shocks (there is a risk of traditional light bulbs burning at low temperatures)
  • Absolutely maintenance-free


Versions of EURO 2000/Q Traffic Lights:

EURO 2000/Q - Operation management through quartz-crystal clock. Synchronization via portable transponder module. Without communication and feedback between stands.

EURO 2000/QK - Operation through crystal clock and the transponder, or via cable. When cable-connected, the traffic lights communicate with each other – thus providing secured junction management. 100 m communication cable included to each stand.

EURO 2000/QKV - Managed by crystal clock and a transponder or 100 m cable, which is included. The stand is also provided with radar sensor for traffic monitoring. When connected by cables, the system can adapt its operation to current traffic situation, according to preset parameters

For more information about this product try Czech version of the website or contact our sales department at info@dynasig.cz.

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