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Signal Heads MONDIAL


Signal Heads MONDIAL

MONDIAL are high-quality, yet economically attractive signal heads for traffic control at intersections and premises entrances, as well as warning devices on dangerous road sections.

The signal heads come in three sizes – with optical lenses of 100 mm diameter (M100 - small version), 210 mm (M210 - standard size) or 300 mm (M300 – placed generally on major routes) – and are either operating with light bulbs (75W) or with energy-saving LED modules FUTURLED (5W). Signal heads are powered from 230V network, by cable led through the mounting set.

Signal heads are usually purchased as one-, two-, or three-aspect (red / yellow / green), however this number can be extended as required by customer.

For highlighting of pedestrian crossings and for warning in dangerous road sections, a periodical blinking one-aspect signal head M210K (M300K) with electronic vibrator DK2 is used.

The device meets the requirements of harmonized standards EN 12368 and EN 50293.

Using mounting sets of stainless steel, the signal heads can be mounted on a vertical pillar or wall (DNS mounting set) or a beam (UNNA mounting set). Mounting sets allow adjusting signal head’s position in the desired direction. Visibility of signal heads can be increased by attaching white contrast frame.

  • Body of the signal head and all optical lenses made of sturdy polycarbonate - a long lifespan and weather shocks and physical strain resistance
  • Two sizes available – optical lenses diameter of 210 mm or 300 mm
  • Signal heads with either light bulbs or LED modules
  • Can be mounted on vertical poles or horizontal beam


LED Modules Advantages:

  • 15 times lower power consumption
  • Better visibility and evenly distributed luminosity, which does not fade during time
  • Resistance to temperature shocks (there is a risk of traditional light bulbs burning at low temperatures)
  • Absolutely maintenance-free

For more information about this product try Czech version of the website or contact our Sales department at info@dynasig.cz.

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