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Traffic Cones with Warning Lights


Traffic Cones with Warning Lights

Light traffic cones are portable signaling devices used mainly for short-term marking of all types of obstacles on the road as well as indicating worksites. The device consists of a traffic cone made of durable plastic with reflective surface, power supply unit and warning light version D180 (halogen) or LED200H (LED).

Light cones can be purchased in halogen or LED versions.

Cones come in three sizes: 75 cm (type SK75B, SK75L) for use on motorways and expressways, and 60 or 50 cm (SK60B and SK60L, respectively SK50B and SK50L) for other roads and urban areas. Reflective class of the traffic cone corresponds to the requirements of EN 12899-1.

Operation of light traffic cone is provided by 12V control unit placed inside the warning light. The unit is equipped with a power monitor; the light turns off automatically when the voltage drops below 10.4 V to prevent damage to the power source.

The device is powered by a maintenance-free lead-acid rechargeable battery 12V / 7,2 Ah, located in base of the cone. The battery can be recharged from NZ-SK adapter enabling charging from the 230 V AC network.

Fully charged battery lasts for 14 hours with halogen bulbs. Cones with LED lights have a much higher light intensity with longer (48 hours) operation period! Compared to halogen, the LED lights have increased resistance to both weather shocks and mechanical strain. LED lights are fully maintenance-free.

Device complies with the harmonized standards EN 12352, EN 12899-1 and EN 50293.

  • Pulse power control – minimizing the energy consumption
  • Proportional reduction of luminosity – saving up to 30% of the energy at night
  • Monitoring of power supply current – battery protection
  • Warning lights D180 (halogen) of L8M class or LED200 (LED) of L8H class according to EN 12352
  • Optical lenses of resistant polycarbonate
  • Easy replacement of halogen bulbs (without removing the optical lens and risking potential contamination of the reflector) and maintenance-free LED version
  • Built-in maintenance-free battery
  • High mobility

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