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Lightbars LR3-7 (LED or halogen)


Lightbars LR3-7 (LED or halogen)

Light bar is formed by a horizontal line of (three to seven) warning lights fixed to galvanized steel profile. It can be either directly attached to the roof of the car, or to roof racks. The remote controller, which is usually located in the driver's compartment, allows setting of eight different signal programs, signaling lane closure and direction of passing by.

!!!!! All light bars are available both in halogen and LED version !!!!!

Light bar is equipped with ambient light sensor, automatically adjusting the luminous intensity of the device. Besides its energy saving effect, this also prevents the danger of dazzling passing drivers.

The system is equipped with a power supply monitor – it stabilizes the input voltage, thus significantly reducing power consumption of the device and increasing its durability. Should the input current drop under minimal limit, the light bar turns off automatically, preventing damage to the car battery caused by excessive discharge. The light bar can be powered both by 12V or 24V. The control unit automatically recognizes the voltage and adjusts its operation accordingly.

The device complies with the harmonized standards EN 50923 and EN 12352.

  • D180 (halogen) or LED200 (LED) warning lights class L8H (according to EN 12352)
  • Works with both 12V and 24V
  • Proportional reduction of luminosity – preventing dazzling of drivers at night
  • Remote controller – comfortable management of the device with indication of actual signal program
  • Power input monitor – protection of car battery against deep discharge
  • Easily replaceable halogen bulbs (without need of removing optical lens and risking contamination of reflector), maintenance-free LEDs

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