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Best solution for road safety

Light Arrow LA8 (LED or halogen)

LA8 light arrows consist of a set of eight warning lights (L8H class), fixed to construction of welded steel profiles.The control unit is located in the light on the arrow’s "point". The arrow is only capable of producing one signal program: left direction arrow. Arrow exists in two versions: LA8 H (halogen) and LA8 LH (LED).

The arrow is equipped with an ambient light sensor, which adjusts the brightness of warning lights, thus avoiding the threat of dazzling the drivers. In the darkness, backlight is automatically activated.

The system is also equipped with voltage monitor: It scans the input voltage to prevent excessive discharge of car battery and it stabilizes the output, thus significantly reducing power consumption and increasing lifetime of light bulbs (or LED diodes). There is no need for replacement of light source when changing supply voltages. The control unit automatically adjusts to actual voltage level.

The main advantage of LED version of the arrow is its increased resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. The lifetime of LEDs also greatly exceeds the endurance of halogen bulbs. LED Arrow LA8 LH is completely maintenance-free!

Device complies with the harmonized standards EN 50293 and EN 12352.
  • Galvanized steel construction - reduced weight and exceptional durability
  • Minimized power consumption
  • LC system - saving up to 30% energy, increasing light source lifetime
  • Proportional reduction light intensity – avoiding driver’s dazzlement at night
  • Power supply monitor - protection against battery discharge
  • D180 or LED200 warning lights (L8H class) of resistant, fully recyclable plastic
  • Sturdy polycarbonate optical filters with fixed optical grid
  • Easily replaceable halogen bulbs (without the need of removing the optical filter and danger of contamination of the reflector); maintenance-free LEDs

Looking for light arrow with more features? See LA1 model with thirteen lights and four signal programs.