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Special Lightbars


Special Lightbars

Light bars in their basic versions consist of a horizontal line of warning lights (3-7) mounted on a stainless steel profile. Apart from these basic models, we also offer number of modified light bars; both with standard modifications and with specific designs based on customer requirements. All the light bars are available in both halogen and LED version!

All the light bars consist of specific setting of LED or halogen warning lights L8H class. Each light bar includes an ambient light sensor, which automatically adjusts the brightness intensity of the device. This way the risk of dazzling of passing drivers is avoided and also the power consumption decreased.

In the price of all models is already included remote control, enabling comfortable management of the device from the driver's compartment. The system is equipped with a power supply monitor – it stabilizes the input voltage, thus significantly reducing power consumption of the device and increases its durability. Should the input current sink under minimal limit, the light bar turns off automatically, preventing damage to the car battery caused by excessive discharge. The light bar can be powered both by 12V or 24V. The control unit automatically recognizes the voltage and adjusts its operation accordingly.

Most Common Modifications of LR5 Light Bar:

a) Two-sided bars

  • LR5 / 5 - 2x5 lights, one line of lights in front, the other shines backward
  • LR5 / 2 - 2 lights in front, 5 in back

b) Bars with flashing beacons

  • LR5M (LR5/5M) - 5 lights (possibly 2 times 5 lights) with a pair of flashing beacons on sides

c) Ramp with adjustable lights

  • LR5K - The lights position is adjustable in the horizontal axis
  • LR5S – Foldable light bar

d) Divided Light Bars

  • Light bars mounted on vehicle’s backdoor, every part on separate door fold.

This is only an example list of possible modifications. Should you need a specific modification for a particular type of vehicle, please contact our sales department at info@dynasig.cz.