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Fire Brigade Vehicles Exit Signalization

Fire Brigade Vehicles Exit Signalization

Warning signal heads VPV are used at fire-brigade trucks, police or ambulance cars exits to warn bypassing drivers and stop the traffic, if needed. Alternate blinking of two red lights can be emphasized by added acoustic signal.

There are two basic versions of VPV signal head available: With two aspects (two red lights – VPV model) and with three aspects (with added constantly blinking yellow light – VPV3 model). Both versions can be purchased with light bulbs or with energy saving LED modules. The LED version can be adjusted for 12 V or 24 V operations.
Using proper mounting sets, which are part of the device, the signal heads can be fixed to vertical pole (VPV-S) or horizontal beam (VPV-V). In addition, text table can be fixed to the signal head, as well as air-horn.

LED Modules Advantages:

  • 15 times lower power consumption
  • Better visibility and evenly distributed luminosity, which does not fade during time
  • Resistance to temperature shocks (there is a risk of traditional light bulbs burning at low temperatures)
  • Absolutely maintenance-free

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