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Warning Lights Set FS5/FS10 (halogen)


Warning Lights Set FS5/FS10 (halogen)

The FS5 (FS10) set consists of five (ten) warning lights D180 with 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 meters of cable, HC1 control unit, and optionally a lockable plastic box for a 12V/180Ah battery.

The HC1 control unit is capable of connecting up to 10 warning lights. The unit comes in two versions: HC1S for both 230V or 12V, and the HC1B unit which can only be powered by 12V battery. When disconnected from electric network or in case of power failure, the HC1S unit automatically switches to 12V power supply. When powered from network, the unit stabilizes the output voltage, thus eliminating hazing of bulbs and increasing the light’s life span.

HC1 unit automatically detects the actual number of operating lights and adjusts specifics of the signal without operator intervention. The control unit is capable of 6 signal programs and allows switching between an all-day and night-only mode. All parameters are backed up in the control unit, so it automatically restores the original mode without new programming after being switched on. The control unit monitors the power supply and, should the voltage drop below 10.4 V, it will automatically terminate its activity to avoid irreversible damage to a battery.

The system is equipped with ambient light detector, and thus can adjust the brightness of the lights to current conditions - preventing risk of dazzling drivers, reducing power consumption by 30% and extending bulbs’ lifespan by up to 40%. For highlighting larger worksites, multiple HC1 control units can be connected together, synchronizing the operation of up to 30 warning lights.

The device complies with the harmonized standards EN 50923 and EN 12352.

  • Microprocessor control unit - high reliability and power-saving operation, self-diagnostics
  • Sealed control unit - high resistance to dust and aggressive fumes from battery
  • Automatic correction of cycle speed in case of break-down of some warning lights
  • Power switches with electronic fuse -short circuit resistance
  • Power Supply – from 230V /50Hz electrical net with a backup battery (HC1S unit only) or from a 12V battery
  • Back-up of user-defined parameters, even after complete power failure
  • LC system - up to 30% energy saving and extended bulbs life
  • Proportional reduction of luminosity
  • Power supply monitoring – battery protection
  • Full-day or night-only mode
  • 6 signaling programs
  • D180 warning lights, L8H class

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