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Series-connected Warning Lights Set SAH5/10 (halogen)

Series-connected halogen lights system represents an economical solution for marking of worksites in urban areas and on roads of lesser importance. The set consists of a maximum of ten interconnected D180-SAH lights with 10m cable and connector.

Microprocessor control unit is located inside the first light of the set, equipped with a 5m cable. The set of ten lights only contains 95 m of cable! (Over 300 meters of cable is needed in traditionally connected set with an external control unit!)

The set only has one signal program - progressive point of light. In addition, you can choose between an all-day and night-only mode. Each lamp has ambient light sensor and automatically adjust its intensity according to actual weather. This reduces energy consumption and helps to avoid dazzlement of passing drivers. At night, a backlight is activated in each beacon.

The set can be purchased in two basic versions - SAH 5 (1 master light and 4 dependent lights) and SAH 10 (1 master and 9 slaves). Optional accessory to each set is a 60 l lockable plastic container for battery, allowing easy transfer of the entire set.

The device meets the requirements of harmonized technical standards EN 50923 and EN 12352.

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