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Warning Lights Set SLS5 (LED)

The SLS5 set consists of a HCS5L control unit and five warning LED lights LED200H with 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 meters cables. Optionally, a lockable plastic battery case can be purchased as accessory. It is a LED alternative to traditional SFS5 set.

The HCS5L microprocessor control unit operates with supply voltage of 12V and is capable of controlling up to five LED lights. The control unit allows setting of 5 signaling programs and switching between all-day and night mode.

By using LED technology, the lights’ power consumption is only 4.5 W (four times lower then halogen lamps with comparable light intensity), thus lasting almost four times longer than halogen system with the same battery. Alternatively, less expensive batteries with lower capacity can be used.

LED diodes have a longer life span and are resistant to extreme temperatures and mechanical strain. The control unit monitors the power supply and, should the voltage drop below 10.4 V, it will automatically terminate the device’s activity to avoid irreversible damage to the battery. The system includes ambient light detector, and therefore can adjust the brightness of the light to current conditions - preventing the risk of dazzling passing drivers and saving up to 50% energy. At night, the backlight is automatically turned on.

Device complies with the harmonized standards EN 50923 and EN 12352.
  • LED technology - energy saving, longer life, increased resistance
  • Possibility to use the 12V battery with lower capacity, or gain fourfold more working time with the same one
  • High reliability and economy of operation, self-diagnostics of lights function
  • Reduction of light intensity at night
  • Power supply monitoring – battery protection
  • LED200 warning lights (L8H class) made of resistant recyclable plastic
  • Maintenance-free technology

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