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Light Barrier LB

Light Barrier LB

The LB light barrier with D180 (halogen) or LED200 (LED) warning lights is used as a portable warning device, for signaling closure of traffic lane or for fencing obstacles on the road. It’s commonly used in urban areas or on side roads.

The lights are powered by 12V rechargeable batteries and equipped by either internal or external control unit. There are two basic versions of light barriers available: with 3 or 5 lights.

  • Brightness adjustment - driver dazzling prevention, energy consumption reduction
  • Electronic fuses - protection against short-circuit on cables
  • Power supply monitoring - battery protection against excessive discharging
  • D180 (halogen) or LED200 (LED) warning lights L8H class, according to EN 12532
  • Optical lenses of unbreakable polycarbonate without screws
  • Easy light bulb changing, maintenance-free LED version
  • Adjustable stands

For more information about this product try Czech version of the website or contact our sales department at info@dynasig.cz.