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Warning Lights D180 (halogen)


Warning Lights D180 (halogen)

D180 warning light forms the basis of our product line since beginning of the existence of DYNASIG. The outer casing consists of durable plastic body and of 200 mm polycarbonate optical filter. As a light source are used halogen bulbs of 20W, 10W or 5W wattage.

D180 lights can be used autonomously, form a warning lights set, or be put as a light source into other warning devices (typically light arrows, light bars, signaling boards).

!All the warning lights can now be purchased in LED version!

Flashing of the device is provided either by a microprocessor unit located directly in the light, or by an external control unit. Lights work with 12V.

To minimize the risk of damage to the lights during the replacement of light bulbs and other maintenance, access to the bulb is located at the rear of the light under a black plastic lid. Therefore when replacing bulbs, you don’t get in contact with the reflector, nor you have to worry about corrosion or water leaks.

Given the extent of their possible use, the D180 lights are available in a wide range of mechanically and functionally distinct variants. For more information feel free to contact us at info@dynasig.cz or by calling + 420 546 217 480.

All the D180 lights comply with the provisions of technical standards EN 12352 and EN 50923.

  • Warning lights class L8H or L8M
  • High visibility, time-tested quality
  • Protection class IP 54 – body of the light made of durable plastic, polycarbonate optical filter
  • Access to the bulb from rear of the light - no risk of damage to the reflector or optical filter
  • Easily changed light intensity (and consumption) by simply changing light bulbs (5 W, 10 W, 20 W)
  • General use for warning devices

From our product line:

D180-B – Autonomous warning light (L8H class) with microprocessor. The light can exists in a “neck” variant (suitable for mounting on 40 x 40 mm square or U-shaped pole or 40 mm diameter round pipe) or without the neck (as part assembled into larger facilities - signaling boards, light arrows, etc.). The light comes with a 5m long power cord.

D180-B2 - A pair of warning lights (L8H class) interconnected by cable. First light includes microprocessor that controls the activity of the entire system. Lights are used mainly for installation in highlighted traffic signs, but can be used as a separate warning signal device as well. The lights can be set to simultaneous or alternating flashing.

D180-B3 - Three lights (L8H class), used as a warning device, particularly for marking of smaller-scale obstructions on the road. The activity of the whole assembly is managed by microprocessor placed in first light.