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Series-connected Warning Lights Set SSL5/10 (LED)

Series-connected LED warning lights system is an elegant and economical solution for highlighting worksites on the roads. The set consists of up to 10 interconnected LED200H-S warning lights and a LCS10 control unit. Each light has a 10 m cable with connector. The set of ten lights only contains 100 meters of cable! (In comparision to 300 meters of cable needed for the traditional parallel-connected set.)

Lights are fully interchangeable with each other. The set is powered from a 12 V battery. The lights’ power consumption is 4,5W (four times lower then halogen lamps with comparable light intensity), thus lasting almost four times longer than halogen system with the same battery. Alternatively, less expensive batteries with lower capacity can be used.

The SSL10 set of ten lights in non-stop mode using 180Ah battery works approximately 11 days.

The LCS10 control unit allows you to set three signaling programs - progressive point of light, progressive chain of light and simultaneous flashing of all lights. In addition, you can choose between all-day and night-only mode. Lights have ambient light sensor, automatically adjusting its intensity. This reduces energy consumption and avoids the danger of dazzling passing drivers. In dark conditions, the backlight is automatically activated.

The set has two basic versions - SSL5 (5 lights and control unit) and SSL10 (10 lights and control unit). Optional accessory to each set is lockable plastic case for the battery, allowing also easy transfer of the entire set.

The device meets the requirements of harmonized technical standards EN 50923 and EN 12352.

  • LED technology – four time lower energy consumption, long life, resistance to extreme temperatures and mechanical shock.
  • Light intensity class L8H
  • Protection rating IP 54, optical filter from durable polycarbonate
  • Compact - only one third of the overall cable length compared to conventional sets
  • The possibility of using lower capacity batteries
  • Three signal programs

Are you interested in compactness of the SSL sets and their low power consumption? Check out the radio-controlled LED200-DCF warning lights, operating without cables, external control units and expensive batteries.