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QUARZ 2007


QUARZ 2007

Set of mobile traffic lights, version Quarz 2007, is the most economical solution for management of shuttle traffic. The system consists of a pair of transportable traffic light stands, whose synchronization is provided by control unit with quartz-crystal clocks located inside each signal head.

! All FABEMA traffic lights can be purchased with halogen bulbs or LED modules with minimal power consumption, high durability and exceptional resistance to weather shocks !

Data transferring, synchronization and program setting are handled with a portable transponder module. This allows synchronization and programming of the two stands without actual visual contact between them, as well as their setting before they are actually placed on the road. This makes setting the signal a comfortable and simple process easily handled by single person.

Quarz 2007 is a complete set, containing two stands and transponder module. For technical reasons, this number cannot be extended. Quartz 2007 is therefore used exclusively to control one-lane shuttle traffic – it cannot be used to organize junctions!

The basic version uses light bulbs but the entire signal heads and their individual aspects may be fitted with LED modules. These dramatically reduce the device’s energy consumption and increase its visibility, durability and resistance.

Traffic lights are purchased with battery cases of galvanized steel, capable to accommodate up to two 12V/180Ah batteries. When using two fully charged 180Ah batteries with light bulbs, the stand should be able to work for 18 days. LED version lasts for more than five weeks. Programming of the traffic lights has to be repeated every two weeks.


LED Modules Advantages:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Better visibility and evenly distributed luminosity, which does not fade during time
  • Resistance to temperature shocks (there is a risk of traditional light bulbs burning at low temperatures)
  • Absolutely maintenance-free

For more information about this product try Czech version of the website or contact our Sales department at info@dynasig.cz.

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